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This is our download centre where you can download for offline browsing or passing on to another member of your party. We have two versions of the site, a full version which contains the entire site as you see it on the web, or a lite version, same site, but as a single large web page, without the higher resolution graphics, which reduces file size for downloading and passing around.

  • Download the full version of [.zip file 2.6 Mbyte]
    Requires 5.25 Mbyte of disk space.
  • Download the lite version of [.zip file 732 Kbyte]
    Requires 1.5 Mbyte of disk space.


To download and view offline, just do this:

  • Click on one of the two links above and save the file to a directory on your hard disk, for example 'My Documents\'.
  • Open the saved .zip file and extract its contents to the same directory to where you downloaded the .zip file, e.g. 'My Documents\'.
  • When the files have been extracted from the .zip archive, you will see a file named 'index.hmtl'. Open this file in your usual browser and you will be presented with the web site, resident on your hard disk.
  • The full version download contains only HTML files and graphics images, so presents no problems in terms of virus infection. The lite version is similar but does contain a Word file, which has been scanned for virus infection, none found.