Grounds and Pool

11m x 4.5m chemical chlorine free pool

The villa is set in grounds of approximately 5000 square metres, 1.25 acres. The sloping land provides completely uninterrupted views across the Mediterranean sea.

View From Dining Room Terrace

The view from the terrace outside the dining room

The pool uses a fully automatic electrolytic filtering system, which is chemical chlorine free. No stinging eyes, no irritating skin, simply pristine water.

Pool Viewed From Deep End

The upper terrace and lawn, seen from the pool

In The Pool

In the pool

The pool area is enclosed with wrought iron railings. Access to this area is via self closing gates which require a coordinated two handed movement to open, the intention being to prevent unaccompanied access to young children. The gates can be independently locked with a key, which is supplied. If you have young children in your party, we recommend that you lock the gates to the pool at the end of the day.

The wrought iron railings and one of the gates are shown in the aerial view of the pool, below right.

Pool Viewed From Shallow End

The pool, viewed from the lawn end

Aerial View Of Pool

An aerial view of the pool

Terrace And Pool

Relaxing on the terrace before dinner guests arrive

Dining On The Terrace

Dining on the magnificent granite table on the new terrace

Dappled Sunlight Through The Cork Oaks

Dappled sunlight through the cork oaks

Panoramic View Of The Villa

Panoramic view of the villa