The position of the villa offers breathtaking, panoramic views towards the Islands of Hyères, over Le Rayol itself and along the coast towards Le Lavandou.

The view towards the Islands of Hyères looks out across the Domaine du Rayol, which is a natural park and gardens owned by the Conservatoire Littoral, the French equivalent of the National Trust, meaning that this view will remain exactly as it is now, in perpetuity. In fact, the Conservatoire inherited a large coastal property adjacent to the Domaine du Rayol, so that between Le Rayol and Cavalaire, to the east, is the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline along the whole of the Côte D'Azur.

Panoramic View From The Bottom Of The Garden

Panoramic view from the road at the bottom of the garden

Le Rayol Is Here

Le Rayol - just about as far south as it is possible to go on the Côte D'Azur

View Towards Lavandou

Westwards towards Lavandou

View Over The Roof To Les Isles d'Or

View over the rooftop towards les Isles d'Or

View Over The Domaine Du Rayol

Looking over the Domaine du Rayol to the islands of Hyères - the Domaine is an exotic garden open to the public and owned by the Conservatoire Littorale (French equivalent of the National trust),